– Hemkade48 will open its doors on Saturday & Sunday morning at 10:00.

– Door sale for Sunday is available / NO door sale for Saturday (sold out).

– Any questions regarding tickets should be handled with your ticket provider (Eventix / Paylogic).

– BFC Shuttle Service tickets are available for a smooth back-and-forth between the venue and Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

– You can not re-enter the party once you leave. In = in, out = out.

– We’re sizing down on Sunday to secure a banging party experience. In doing so, we’re sacrificing the Side Room stage. The rest of the timetable and lineup mostly stay the same. Luckily, Hemkade48 is quite modular, so we have all the possibilities to make our Sunday closing one hell of a party. Face to face with legends.

– Sadly, Convextion can’t make it, due to health issues. Ultrastation is preparing a special Detroit influenced electro set, tightly tailored between Sunju Hargun and Helena Hauff.

– A fresh breakfast will be served for free from 10:00 until 13.00. From then on, Hemkade48 will sell different kinds of food to replenish everyone’s energy.


Check your vibe and check your privilege.  

We want everyone on the dancefloor to have an equally good time, everybody is welcome at our parties.
In a nutshell, this means we have a Zero Tolerance policy towards any forms of harassment, prejudice or hate.
We aspire to create spaces for people to dance and feel free, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or general beliefs.
Our dance floor is for people from all walks of life, and all of them are welcome at our parties.

– Please come early. We have amazing DJs from start to finish (not to mention the exquisite breakfast).

– Please note that videos/photos can breach other people’s privacy. Enjoy the moment as much as possible (this means: try to keep that cell phone in your pocket ;))

– Nourish and hydrate yourself properly and please take care of each other!⁠

– There will be QR-codes spread across the event for you to possibly/directly donate to Closer, Kyiv.

– Every person attending our event via guestlist will be directly asked to make a donation to Closer.


Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

* For smooth travel back and forth, we’re offering a shuttle service between Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk Station and Hemkade48. Costs are €8,50 ex for a return ticket. Buses are going back and forth regularly between 10.00 – closure. Tickets are found in our ticketshop & on QR codes at Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

* 15-20 min taxi ride (25€ regular fare)

* Please check your Google Maps & the images for clarification




Amsterdam Central Station

* 30 min taxi ride (30€-35€ regular fare).

* Bicycle ride takes about 40 min. The Hempont ferry between Central Station and the HEM terrain takes you across the water.

* Please navigate on Google Maps to ‘Hemkade48’ for your quickest route.


– There will be lockers available for your belongings. Please try to share a locker with a friend.⁠

– The location works with tokens. Unused tokens are non-refundable during or after the event.

– There will be no cigarettes for purchase at the venue, please buy these beforehand.

– There’s an outside area, where you can chill by the water.

– For all info check http://www.hemkade48.nl/faq/


Why are you called Breakfast Club?

A hearty breakfast buffet at sunrise right next to a dancefloor thumping to the finest beats like day or night doesn’t matter? That is what makes Breakfast Club a unique player in the game.

In an era when Amsterdam’s party scene saw itself being strictened by conventional curfews, we wanted to party just a little bit longer..

What started off as a small scale afterparty in Canvas has developed itself over the years into the leading day-time event it is today. Notorious for off-beat opening hours, our clued in crowd, exuberant ambiance, quirky programming plus free and fresh breakfast.

After ten plus years of great raves, The Hemkade 48 heralds a new chapter of delightful day-time raving.


Can I still get tickets for Breakfast Club ADE Weekender?

Our Saturday is fully sold out – but the Sunday is still on sale.

Why is the Sunday for legends?

It’s our favourite day of the year: Breakfast Club’s infamous ADE Sunday. Once the dust of
the conference has settled, the business deals have been made and all the FOMO and fuss
of the weekend have worn off, people are at their most receptive and responsive. And that’s
exactly what gives our ADE closings their phenomenal vibe.

Wherever you go clubbing, Sunday is always the preferred night for music lovers and party
professionals. But during ADE, this takes on an entirely new level. We’re so proud and
humbled that BFC’s Sunday has become the traditional gathering place for our friends,
colleagues, and most beloved artists. This is the one time of the year when, besides
connecting with our local base, we get to party with our extended family from abroad.

Why the Hemkade 48 Complex?

After a girlfriend tipped us off about a fetish party she’d attended at Hemkade, we decided to pay the place a visit. This also aligned with a hazy recollection of mine (Brent). After Dance Valley in 1997, I ended up at the Hemkade as a 17-year-old boy. I remember being completely mesmerised by the place, but also falling asleep on a couch and still remember my bewilderment when I woke up to a thumping beat. It’s memories like these that stick with you for a lifetime, and it was also what planted the seed for the initial location visit of BFC at Hemkade 48.

The Hemkade 48 is every raver’s dream location. With it’s many little hallways, nooks and crannies, it’s the perfect new location for Breakfast Club. The factory was originally built in 1947 to manufacture oil barrels. In 1994, the venue’s purpose was changed into hosting events. Since then, it has hosted a myriad of illustrious raves, like ‘Thunderdome’, ‘Multigroove’ and the infamous fetish parties ‘Wasteland’.


How can I get to the Hemkade 48 Complex?

~ For an easy and smooth travel back and forth we will be taking care of a shuttle service between the train station of Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Hemkade 48 which will cost €8,50 for a return.

~ 15-20 min by taxi (25€ regular fare) from Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

~ There’s a ferry (Hempont) going back and forth between Central Station and het HEM-terrain as well. Please navigate through Google Maps to ‘Hemkade 48’ for your smoothest route.

> Please keep an eye out on our website and socials for any relevant news regarding travel and this event in general.

I've bought a ticket for Breakfast Club: A New Dawn - is this ticket valid for BFC ADE Weekender?

If you have not refunded your ticket Breakfast Club: A New Dawn ticket – your ticket is valid for Breakfast Club ADE Saturday – Oct 22nd.

No new ticket will be sent your way – your initial ticket will grant access to our ADE Saturday party.

Breakfast Club ADE Sunday tickets for Oct 23rd will have to be bought separately in case you would like to visit this event as well.

Is the get-in time of 14.00 strict?

We are not denying access to any of our visitors. Though we would like to stretch we originated from an after party.
We firmly believe that true magic manifests itself when on a dance floor for an elongated period of time.

We would like to invite everyone to come early as possible!
After all we’re Breakfast Club, not Brunchfast Club ;).

Is there a strict no photo/video policy?

No, we’re asking you to check the usage of photos/videos at the event to a minimum as such trying to maintain the original ravey vibe of the Hemkade 48 experience.


Yes, of course.